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Covenant Connection Forum

Community discussions on how to use project management tools and techniques to bring your dreams to life!

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What does it take to get started within initiating your dreams?

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This is where the real work begins!

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That's all folks! Wait. Before you celebrate, let's be sure you have accomplished what you set out to achieve.

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What are the process steps for planning out your dreams?

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Here is where you watch over the execution of your dreams! Are you on target?

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  • L. Elaine Sutton
    Jan 13, 2018

    Dreams are just that - dreams. Dreams don't become reality until you put the blood, sweat and tears into bringing those dreams into fruition. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled. In each one of us, is a well-spring of creativity and innovation that is meant to be nurtured, developed and shared for the benefit of others. Sometimes dreams lay dormant and go unfulfilled because of obstacles (in and/or out of our control). Obstacles are only temporary set-backs. The key is to learn the work-arounds to those obstacles so that you can fulfill your dreams. Do not allow yourself to become stuck in the muck and mire of those obstacles. Forge ahead with full-force! Remain optimistic and confident in your dreams; never letting anyone deter you from "aiming" and "reaching" for your dreams. The road to your dream is not a hurried road but a steady and methodical road so be patient with the process. Let's get busy reviving, restoring and renewing those dreams!