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Planning: Live Life and Don't Let Life Live You!

February 8, 2019

There are 5 phases in project management and the first phase is the most important, in my opinion, and that is initiating/planning!  Listen, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  It's that simple.  


Life is not a gamble.  Life is precious and your response to "life" is important.  You -- yes YOU are a vital and essential part of your life.  You are the key!  However, because the choice is yours does not mean you should squander (throw-away) this gift be failing to plan in the present and for your future.


Planning requires you become silent in the present and taking time to contemplate (think about) what you want from this gift called "life".  Our  typical life-span (the number of years promised in life) is 70.  That's a lot of time but it also passes us by quickly as in the twinkling of an eye.


Redirecting you back to the 5 phases of project management, lets look at your life in 5-stages as follows:


Birth to 14






In each of these 5-stages of life, there are monumental things you should be taking stock of (an account) in your efforts to put a solid life-plan in place.

If we apply the 5 phases of project management to your life's plan, it would look something like this:


Birth-14: Early Initiating/Design Phase "the plan"

14-28: Planning/Implementing "the plan"

28-42: Executing "the plan"

42-56: Monitoring/Controlling "the plan"

56-70: Transitioning/Close-out "the plan"


Now, do you see that you are not subject to life dictating to you but that you are in a position to craft a plan for your life that allows you to live and thrive to the best of your abilities?  


Planning is key and the first-step to a well-lived life.  But, remember it's only the first-step and not the only step.


In next month's blog, we will discuss more about what should be happening in each of life's stages.


As always, revive, restore, and renew your dreams by putting a plan in place.


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